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Family Therapy

"In Family Therapy , my work is with the family as well as with the child or adolescent. My family focused approach to treatment looks at both the immediate problem and the underlying causes. Through training and experience, I understand how unless the root cause of the problem is addressed; symptoms will cease only temporarily, manifest in different behaviors later or develop in another family member. I recognize that problems or behaviors exhibited by one child often impact other members of the family and when family dynamics may play a role in their continuation."

Family Therapy with Children
Typical therapy sessions begin with a comprehensive developmental and life history to identify and resolve "root" causes of problems to promote long-term healing. Treatment includes family therapy with the parent and child together, individual play therapy or sand tray therapy with the child, and parent coaching and feedback sessions. "My passion and belief is that individuals and families possess their own innate ability to heal when underlying causes are identified and inner resources are strengthended."

Contextual Family Therapy with pre-teens and teens
Contextual Family Therapy views the individual and the issue in light of the family system. As a therapist, my role is to be multi-partial in listening to each individual's perspective and facilitating communication and understanding between family members of each other's side of the story. By opening the way for individuals within a family to hear each other, communications can be enhanced and family dynamics improved.

Parent Coaching
A crucial element in making effective lasting change is the involvement of the parent or guardian in treatment sessions. Parent coaching involves psychoeducation on the underlying cause of an issue, symptom or behavior for your child or teen. It includes understanding the role you play in the family dynamics. Coaching includes discussing and exploring strategies that can continue outside of the therapy session into the home environment.

Filial Family Therapy
Trains and coaches parents in how to better engage with their children through child centered play sessions. Children experiencing attachment difficulties from adoption, foster care or trauma may be good candidates for this approach.

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